From Island to City

Started in 1986 in a small garage clay studio on Bainbridge Island,  Status Ceramics grew out of a love for the American Art Tile Movement.  Years later and a few moves later, our studio is now located in the revived industrial neighborhood of Georgetown.  With a small dedicated staff and a passion for ceramics, we are proud to produce our tile by hand, right here in Seattle.


 Our Designs

Influenced by the rich history of ceramics, all of our product are designed by local artists.  Each design draws inspiration from a variety of art movements including  Modernism, Arts and Crafts, and Art Nouveau. Our goal here at Status is to incorporate Contemporary Design with Classical influence giving you a unique product that will remain timeless as trends change.


 Handmade Tile

Our tile is made by hand, right here in our studio. We are committed to the artisan craft of tile making and take pride in each step of the process along the way. From Raw Clay to the Final Firing and Inspection, every tile is handled with care. Find out more about our handmade process below.

From Raw Clay to Greenware

Every Status tile begins with our unique white talc clay body. Our clay is then pressed into a mold or extruded by hand. Once the tile is formed the edges are individually trimmed and smoothed. Scrap clay and tiles that do not pass inspection at this point are recycled back into the process, and the pressed tiles and trims are off to a drying room before their first firing.

Bisque Fire

Once the tiles are completely dry they are loaded into a kiln for their first firing known as a bisque firing. They are fired at temperatures up to 1940 degrees Fahrenheit which removes all of the moisture from the clay and strengthens the tiles. After cooling off from this 48 hour kiln firing, the tiles are inspected once again and ready for glaze.


In our studio, each batch of glaze is made per order from raw materials. The glaze is then applied to the bisqued tiles by hand using several different techniques including, spraying, sponging and pooling the glazes with bulb syringes. After the tiles are glazed they are loaded into the kiln for the final firing.

Final Fire and Inspection

The final firing takes 24 hours and temperatures in the kiln reach over 1700 degrees. During this firing the glaze melts into a glass-like state resulting in a variety of finishes such as satin, matte, gloss and crackle. Once the tiles in the kiln have cooled they are hand inspected to assure each tile meets our quality standards before leaving our shop.