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Finish: High Gloss


The variation across the wonderfully reflective surface of this navy blue glaze is like a portrait of a midnight sky. This mysterious hue provides any installation with a rare depth and beauty.

Deep Sea

Finish: Crackle High Gloss


The Deep Sea glaze was inspired by the waters of the Puget Sound, which we have the privilege of enjoying from our shop in Seattle, WA. The intense, rich teal hue is emphasized by the dense crackles that look like ripples over water.

White Silk

Glaze Series: Specialty

Finish: Soft Semi Matte


Our handcrafted White Silk glaze maintains a clean and contemporary appearance while keeping its iridescent glow.


Glaze Series: Velvet

Finish: Gloss


The pearlescent glow provides multifaceted layers to the Opal glaze. The glossy finish accentuates the lovely nuances throughout the tile.


Glaze Series: Velvet

Finish: Gloss


Nealy imperceptible hints of gray and violet give this nearly white Quartz glaze a pearly depth, accentuated by a smooth and glossy finish.


Glaze Series: Velvet

Finish: Gloss


A faint and subtle marbling effect in hues of gray and violet gives Mica depth and sophistication, highlighted a glossy surface that is smooth to the touch.


Glaze Series: Velvet

Finish: Gloss


Explore the warm and creamy nuances of this handmade Ivory glaze, with a glossy finish that is smooth to the touch.


Glaze Series: Clear

Finish: High Gloss


Invite a sense of serenity to your space with the cool gray hue of our Ice glaze. A high gloss surface accentuates the beautiful blue undertone in the glaze.


Glaze Series: Velvet

Finish: Gloss


The vintage-inspired taupe hue of Gypsum is infused with just the tiniest bit of pink. The beauty of the glaze is highlighted by a glossy finish.


Glaze Series: Velvet

Finish: Gloss


Although the purple tinge provides a cool, calming aura to Gabbro’s gray glaze, the glossy finish makes certain that the color maintains its gorgeous flair.

Frosted Crema

Glaze Series: Frosted

Finish: Semi Matte


Frosted Crema carries a subtle yellow undertone that gives this off-white glaze a warm and sunny appeal. The semi matte finish maintains the wonderfully neutral feel.

Frosted Ice

Glaze Series: Frosted

Finish:Semi Matte


A tinge of cool blue to gray hue gives Frosted Ice a delicate and refreshing appearance, and the semi matte look enhances the clean and simple effect.

Frosted Carmello

Glaze Series: Frosted Series

Finish: Semi Matte


Infused with the faintest hint of pink, Frosted Carmello brings about a classically pastoral appeal. The semi matte finish keeps the color contemporary and abiding.

Frosted Ash

Glaze Series: Frosted

Finish: Semi Matte


Light and pale, Frosted Ash works perfectly for any installation in any space. The semi matte finish offers a timeless, modern look to the neutral gray glaze.


Glaze Series: Velvet

Finish: Gloss


The soft, pale gray of Feldspar makes it a gorgeous neutral glaze. Its muted tone insures a beautiful pairing with other hues, while still remaining stunning on its own.

927 S Homer St
Seattle, Washington 98108
(206) 282-0181
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