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One of a Kind Hand Crafted Tiles

Madison Park Collection

Madison Park

The Madison Park collection draws its name -and inspiration- from a classic Seattle neighborhood on the shores of Lake Washington.

Susan Boyd designed the collection based on her experience working with residential interior designers. “My intention with the Madison Park Collection was to provide designers and their clients with a color palette that is accessible, but not mundane.” Ceramic tile is much more versatile than people think. In bathrooms and kitchens, we are encouraging people to take the wall tile all the way to the ceiling. With the tile sizes and colors in Madison Park, designers don’t need to worry about a project aging. These colors and shapes will look as fresh in twenty years as they do today.”

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Ravenna Collection


The Ravenna Collection is an Arts and Crafts series named after the Ravenna neighborhood in Seattle.

Filled with bungalows, this neighborhood was a part of the Olmstead Brothers’ master plan for the city. The collection draws on the lasting appeal of architecture and design of the heyday of Arts and Crafts. Numbers of alumni and instructors from University of Washington proclaim the Ravenna district of Seattle home. Known as a peaceful, residential district, that encompasses a park, giving way to a steep valley as well as an active running stream. Our Ravenna Concept pull from upon not only the tranquility within the neighborhood but also the peculiar effects of the nearby University. Whether your strategy is to refurbish an early century home or building anew with inspirations of this wonderful Seattle district, the Ravenna Collection has everything you could ever hope for.

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Elements Collection


A terrific compilation of handcrafted tiles that relish in an organic and natural feel.

Elements is our catalog insert featuring all field sizes plus a selection of popular glazes, trims, and decorative tiles. There is such a vast collection of choices here that are inspired by shapes and structures you can only find in nature itself. Featuring several leaf and flower decorated tiles that are so finely detailed you instantly appreciate the time and effort put forth in their creation, knowing that such wonderful pieces of art could only have been fully realized by people who truly care about the importance of each individual piece. Browse through what this collection has to offer and your imagination is sure to take off into many new and exciting directions.

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Fremont Collection


A sophisticated collection that adds a modern touch to classic Seattle designs.

A contemporary collection of decorative tiles, field tiles, and trims in a soothing palette of colors, including clear glazes and a non-traditional crackle glaze unlike any you’ve ever seen. Fun and interactive, yet stemming with old school ties, the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle is comprised of people with all takes on life. Anywhere from From button down to tie-dye, the individuals of the Fremont district assemble throughout coffee shops, which are redesigned from former houses pulling from a time before digital disturbances and unnecessary mass-productions. Our Fremont Concept is overflowing with vintage lines, recalling lost ideas of the Craftsman style of architecture in the 50s.

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Inspired by the timeless beauty of the stained glass windows in historic European cities.

Over the past thousand years stained glass has played an intricate role in artistic history. though when we think of the term often what first comes to mind are the large delicate windows of churches and other important buildings, but this art form has recently been re-defined and seen in several other artistic forms. Traditionally stained glass was formed in open panes in exchange for windows but modern takes on the art form have revitalized it in new profound ways with interesting new applications such as our hand made ceramic tiles that take detailed thin designs paired with deep, wide dips paying tribute to the wonders of stained glass designs. With this collection you can easily bring forth an elegance to any area with a seemingly endless range of colors. Take a look and see just how many possibilities are with your reach.

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