Tile Installations and Maintenance

Tile Choices

Installing Status Ceramics Handcrafted Tile

Please note that handcrafted products have inherent irregularities in size, shape, glaze color, texture, and finish. It is our hope that you embrace the variations in the spirit of a custom ceramic product.

When preparing to install your tile, it is helpful to loose lay your installation on a flat surface to plan out your cuts, grout lines and decorative inserts. Plan your cuts for inside corners on wall applications and avoid cuts of less than two-thirds of the tile size. Pull tile randomly from all the boxes to insure proper blending of your order.

Be sure that the surface you will be bonding your tile to is level. If the surface is uneven the variation will be enhanced when the tile is installed. Slight surface variation can be managed by back buttering the tile to accommodate the variation. It is recommended for wall installations to install in horizontal rows, using a level to maintain straight rows. We recommend installing Status Ceramics with a ‘modified thinset’ and consider it a necessity in all water areas (shower, tub, countertops).

We recommend a grout line of 1/8” minimum and a 1/4” maximum width. This width requires that the grout be ‘sanded’. However, if a non-sanded appearance is desired, a top coat of non-sanded can be applied after the sanded grout has cured at least 24 hours. A helpful hint is to tape off decos to facilitate the removal of surplus grout.

It is recommended that a light coat of penetrating sealer (available from home and garden stores) be applied 72 hours after grouting your finished installation. Make sure that the surface of your tile is clean of any grout haze or foreign material that you do not want sealed on the surface of the tile or grout. A second coat can be applied after the first coat has thoroughly dried (30 minutes or so). Do not apply the sealer liberally unless you wipe off the excess immediately. The intent is to penetrate the surface pores to seal off potential stains. The sealer will not change the color or texture of your tile, but potentially will enhance the color of your grout. Our ‘crackle and enhanced crackle’ finish should be sealed before and after grouting. It is not necessary to re-seal annually or semi-annually unless the surface area is near your range top or in wet areas. Follow the cleaning instructions of the recommended product below before re-sealing.

Tile Installation

Caring for your Status Ceramic Tile Installation

The general recommendation for maintaining the beauty of your Status tile is to use a mild household detergent with a clean wash cloth or sponge. The key is to rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove the dirt and soap residue. For deeper cleaning of surface stains, the use of household white vinegar (five parts water to one part vinegar) and a thorough rinsing with clean water will keep your tile looking fresh and clean for many years to come. Do not use abrasive, acidic or strong alkaline cleaners on Status Ceramic products, particularly the metal glazes. ‘Bar Keepers Friend’ (www.barkeepersfriend.com) is recommended for Status Ceramics Metal finishes but also will take marks off the surface of any of our glaze surfaces. If you wish to buff the surface you may use XXXX steel wool except on clear coated surfaces. Again, remember to rinse thoroughly with clean water after using any of the cleaning products recommended.