With over one hundred one-of-a-kind glazes to apply to our handmade tiles, there is an option for every preference. Our pigmentation process creates intensely saturated hues that range from simple neutrals to robust jewel like colors that enhance the texture of the tile surface.

Tonal variation, dappling, textured and crackling all contribute to the uniqueness of our handmade tiles.  Our glazes can be glossy, crackled, matte, or clear. No two tiles are the same, and some glazes have greater variation than others. Regardless of your choice, rest assured that it will be beautiful.

Brilliant Silk Glazes

Hues of soft pastel grace these glazes with a light touch. Understated beauty shines through…

Neutral Silk Glazes

A wonderful palette of neutral pastel color choices. It’s important not to underestimate…

Metal Spray

A truly awe inspiring group with a metallic sheen. Each selection has various options allowing…

Specialty Glazes

Our collection of high quality specialty ceramic glazes are directed at combining the exquisiteness of…

Frosted Glazes

The soft, mellow frost over the top of these colors reminds one of winter mornings with a…

Clear Glazes

Clear glazes provide dimension with a glossy surface and a depth of color.

Jewel Glazes

Colors of precious gemstone abound in the Jewel Glazes. Bright hues bedazzle and bemuse. One doesn’t…

Cristal Glazes

Cristal glazes contain facets that reflect light like a precious stone.

Fire Glazes

Our Fire glazes also contain elements of air and earth. the rich, earthy tones of these glazes evoke…

Crackle Glazes

Crackle glazes are great for an antiqued look or for restoring tile work in older homes.