Fremont Concepts

Funky and creative, yet with roots in the old school, the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle is filled with people from all walks of life.  From white to blue to tie-dye collars, the people of the Fremont district rally around coffee shops, remodeled from former houses of an age before digital distractions and ticky-tacky mass-productions.  Our Fremont Concept is full of classic lines, evoking memories of the Craftsman style of architecture of the 50s.

Varied Field (Angora)

Interest is kept high with these variable width tiles.


Symmetrical squares and outlines lend a seriousness to these tiles.


Neo tiles contain concentric squares, which give them…


Lighter squares with beveled dimension help bring a fullness…


These tiles are perfect for delineating the borders of your installation.

Half Bar

Use these bars to break up sections of tiles into segmented areas.


Notched, 3 dimensional squares form patterns of lines and curves.


Smooth, organic curves in these tiles give a sense of the natural…


Pretty diamonds and background in this tile create space…


Interest is created with differing rows of squares and rectangles.