De Jardin Concepts

De Jardin: The Garden.  We look to the plants around us for inspiration in designing these tiles.  Elements such as leaves and flowers, stems and shoots are incorporated into the De Jardin concept.  Installed in a bathroom, they soften the lines of architecture and bring a contemplative, natural feel to the room.  In your kitchen, they will evoke the healthy, organic feelings of good nutrition and delicious tastes.


A mellow and pretty tile with a design reminiscent of a field of clovers.

Pergola Repeat Sky

Oriental feel with leafy accents reminds one of looking up into…

Colocasia Nectar & Honey

This tile features a southern…


Leaves in an infinite or Celtic knot with accents resembling eyes.

Colocasia Mirrored

Leaves of the palm tree, towering overhead, while the sun shines…

Duchess Liner

Vases containing roses with borders of rose decorate these…

Pergola Border

A perfect match for our Pergola tiles, these borders define…

Ladybell Fog & Chambord

Leafy fronds surround delicate flower…


Beautiful rose tiles for either diamond or square installation.

Cyclamen Cotton & Borage

Exquisite leaves and seed pods embellish these tiles.


Stately vases of rose lend a formality to the Duchess tiles.