Stained glass meets ceramic design with breath taking results.



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The Vitrine collection pulls it’s powerful inspiration from the timeless and serene beauty that can only be found in the stained glass windows of historic European cities. Throughout the last millennium stained glass designs have found a significant and prestigious place in our history, though the term is most often used to reference the large intricate window designs of churches or other important buildings the art form has taken a life of it’s own and crossed over to many other artistic medias. Classically stained glass was created in open panes to be used in place of windows but modern applications have given rebirth to this traditional styling through unique uses such as our hand made tiles which combine thin precise designs with large full depressions to give beautiful effects of stained glass. This wonderful tile collection is the perfect way to add an elegance to any space in just about any color you can imagine, Take a look through out brochure to see just how many possibilities there truly are.

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We present this collection in four amazing season hues, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn as well as a light and dark variation for each. There is no better way to get a full range of use with our glazes and really explore your creativity. Our huge selection of vivid handcrafted glazes really bring to life the details of this collection and deliver unbelievable stained glass results that will astonish and amaze. Check it out for yourself today.


The Vitrine Collection works perfectly with a vast amount of our hand crafted molding options. In combination with terrific variations of accent tiles and several decorative options you really get a feel of freedom in your designs. All pieces in this series works together flawlessly pulling from one another to create the visual elegance only stained glass can produce with the durability and longevity that ceramic tiles are know for.