The Ravenna Collection is an Arts and Crafts series named after the Ravenna neighborhood in Seattle.

Trillium Board

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Filled with bungalows, this neighborhood was a part of the Olmstead Brothers’ master plan for the city. The collection draws on the lasting appeal of architecture and design of the heyday of Arts and Crafts. Numbers of alumni and instructors from University of Washington proclaim the Ravenna district of Seattle home. Known as a peaceful, residential district, that encompasses a park, giving way to a steep valley as well as an active running stream. Our Ravenna Concept pull from upon not only the tranquility within the neighborhood but also the peculiar effects of the nearby University. Whether your strategy is to refurbish an early century home or building anew with inspirations of this wonderful Seattle district, the Ravenna Collection has everything you could ever hope for.

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Rich Handcrafted glaze colors along with this collections intricate carved details are sure to give a true Seattle inspiration from the neighborhood in which were they were derived.  Choosing the right glaze can be key to obtaining just the right look, whether it be rustic and worn to new and vibrant, anything is possible.  With over 80 unique glazes at your disposal it easy to make this collection yours.


Moldings from the Ravenna Collection are mystifying as well as skillfully crafted. The true artistic power of this collection is drawn from its magnificent accents that perfectly compliment its full field of tile options. True Seattle character is drawn through precise and unique design. With several tonal options at your disposal, this line has limitless potential and is capable of producing anything from transitional to traditional styles. The vast selection of decorative components and finishing trims can breath a new life into any space.

Hand glazed in Seattle by local artist with a wide range of shape and sizes that add striking detail, the Ravenna Collection creates options for every room. Moldings are sold by the piece.