A sophisticated collection that adds a modern touch to classic Seattle designs.

Fremont Tiles

A contemporary collection of decorative tiles, field tiles, and trims in a soothing palette of colors, including clear glazes and a non-traditional crackle glaze unlike any you’ve ever seen. Fun and interactive, yet stemming with old school ties, the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle is comprised of people with all takes on life. Anywhere from From button down to tie-dye, the individuals of the Fremont district assemble throughout coffee shops, redesigned from former houses pulling from a time before digital disturbances and unnecessary mass-productions. Our Fremont Concept is overflowing with vintage lines, recalling lost ideas of the Craftsman style of architecture in the 50s.

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Moldings from our Fremont Collection will complement the allure of your home in subtle ways. Accents from this series will add refined dimension to an area while still preserving its over appearance. Choose your degree of boldness with combinations of the many colours available to bring forth a clean yet brilliant look. Through the selection of various trim tiles it’s easy to renew your space giving form to something truly graceful.

With a wide range of shape and sizes that add a sense of polished detail, the Fremont Collection brings forth simple and dignified option for every room. Moldings are sold by the piece.


The revival of classic colors in translucent cristal glazes mingled with contemporary lines enables this collection to fit seamlessly into any design.  Our specialized glazing techniques work perfectly with defining and boosting the details found in each piece.  This allows the collection easily stand on its own, or as a subtle complement to an existing style.