Zsuzsa Bansghi, Designer Extraordinaire

Status relies on artists such as Zsuzsa Bansghi, who engineers our glazes, as well as assists in original designs. Zsuza has a PhD in chemical engineering with a specialty in ceramic glaze formulation. Her talent for old world ceramic design techniques are reflected not only in Status Decos but also in her own tabby designs.

Modatile, Fully Original Art


We are proud to work closely with Modatile, a mother daughter team, comprised of Zsuzsa Bánsághi and Zsófia Dadi based out of Seattle, WA. This partnership is a perfect fit to the prosperous local artists community.  Zsuza is well known for her brilliant lifelong work with glaze chemistry, having a PhD in chemical engineering of ceramic glazes from Pannon Univeristy in Hungary. It goes without saying that she knows what she is doing.  She has been a great help throughout the years and has assisted in the creation of several original tiles designs and glaze development. To add to her repertoire she is a well established artist having built a name for herself through many hand painted tile projects.

It is no surprise that her daughter Zsófia has lived a life full of artistic and ceramic traditions, absorbing and building upon a lifetime of experience shared through her mother.  Along the road she has gained a B.S. in biochemistry and environmental studies from Evergreen State College. Zsófia is responsible for the intricate and beautiful framing of their tiles as well as overseeing and maintaining of the ever increasing responsibilities that go along with running a small business.

Modatile’s number one goal is to show what amazing works of art can be created with tile through with skillfully crafted, high quality frames.  All of their custom tile designs are imagined and developed by Zsuzsa in which they are professionally sculpted into plasticine.  After which they create their own plaster casts and carefully hand-press each of their tiles individually. For more information Zsuzsa Bánsághi, Zsófia Dadi and their amazingly unique business please Click Here.