Benefits of Ceramic Tiles

The addition of tile in your home or business can really give it a one of a kind feel and make it your own creation. There is no limit to the ways in which you can utilize tile in any space if you let your imagination take control. Our ceramic tiles are handmade from clay making them resilient in a wide range of temperatures, remarkably simple to clean, durable, long lasting and stain resistant.  There is no need for costly maintenance or painstaking up-keep, as found in many other materials. This makes ceramic tiles a cost effective method that will yield unbelievable results.

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Here are just some of the many benefits of ceramic tiling.

Toughness – Most people are not aware of how utterly tenacious ceramic tiles actually are. This strength makes for a long lasting life as well as making them tough to crack or chip. Ceramic tile installations can last between 10 to 20 years longer than any other comparable material when properly cared for.  If that wasn’t enough they are also notably known for their ability to repel stains, dirt and even odors simply by mopping with your favorite household cleaners on a semi regular basis.

Moisture Protection – The glazing process of ceramic tiles makes them a prime choice for use in areas known to see more wet conditions than standard living areas, such as bathrooms and patios. This solid layer of glaze creates its own built in protection which allows little to no moisture build-up.

Eco Friendly – Our tiles are only made with natural materials that with no residual odors or toxins, bringing forth an wonderful authentic look to any space you can image.

Fire Proof – During the creation process of our ceramic tiles they are cooked in a kiln at over 2000 degrees for 24 hours burning away any organic matter making for an end product that is completely fire resistant. This means that you do not have to worry about tarnishing their surfaces with hot pots and pans.

Scrape Resistant – Due to the solid nature of ceramic it is exceptionally well suited for high traffic areas in both home and business thanks to their sheer durability and resilient nature to scratches, cracks and chips.

Unique Textures – There is no end to the variation in the world of ceramic tile textures. These can range from the looks of stones and marbles all the way to smooth glossy finishes. There is a perfect texture or finish for any project just depending on where and how it’s being implemented.

Color Longevity – Ceramic tiles are one of the few things that continue to hold their true color, showing no losses due in part to consistent or direct sunlight.

Versatility – The adaptability of ceramic tiles is unimaginable for both indoor and outdoor use, not to mention virtually painless to preserve.

Once you have cycled through all the benefits the only stage left is the most enjoyable. Now is your chance to go through the vast selection of ceramic tiles options before you and find which ones are the perfect match for the project or space you have always imagined.  Our handcrafted ceramic tiles can help make any dream a reality while guaranteeing it a long life with a phenomenal lasting look.

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