The Art of Handcrafted Tile

At each stage of growth, Status Ceramics has remained committed to craftsmanship, quality and timely delivery as color remains to be the centerpiece of our design process.

"Our glazes are a unique palette of colors and textures that defy replication"

Handcrafted artisan tile may seem like an anachronism in an era of mass production. Hand-finishing each trim piece, glazing every field tile individually, and inspecting every order to ensure the utmost quality require time and craftsmanship. The end result, however, is worth the effort. Every Status tile begins from our unique white talc clay composition. Since clay is the canvas for our glazes, we have found that a white body provides us with the greatest versatility in our glaze colors.

  • Madison Park

    Drawing its creation from a classic Seattle neighborhood on the shores of Lake Washington.


    Seattle inspired visual elegance.


    Classic Seattle in your home.

  • Ravenna

    A tribute in its own to the lasting appeal of the heyday of arts & crafts and architecture.


    Bold and refined new look.


    Vibrance, anything is possible.

  • Elements

    This spectacular collection brings to life elegantly designed floral and leaf compositions.


    Accents & trims with added depth.


    Vivid and refreshing feel.

  • Fremont

    Versatile contemporary line that enables this collection to fit seamlessly into any design.


    Simple yet brilliant designs.


    Revival of classic colors.

  • Vitrine

    Inspired by the timeless beauty of the stained glass windows of historic European cities.


    Terrific variations and accents.


    Amazing seasonal glazing options.

In design, nothing is more important than color.

Working from that simple premise, Richard Scott founded Status Ceramics in the summer of 1986. As a former serigraph printer, potter and leaded glass worker, Richard was surrounded by color and could see the impact of color choices in design. Using white clay for the body of the tile, he experimented with glazes, creating rich colors that sprang off the tiles that were his canvas.

Zsuzsa Bansghi, Designer Extraordinaire

Status relies on artists such as Zsuzsa Bansghi, who engineers our glazes, as well as assists in original designs. Zsuza has a PhD in chemical engineering with a specialty in ceramic glaze formulation. Her talent for old world ceramic design techniques are reflected not only in Status Decos but also in her own tabby designs.
Modatile, Fully Original Art

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4 Steps to a Successful Installation

If ceramic tile installation is a completely new experience to you then we got four easy to understand steps to get you going in the right direction. It is important to read through the steps below carefully so that you don’t get caught up in any pricey oversights that could have otherwise been easily avoided.

Choosing the right tile
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Benefits of Ceramic Tiles

The addition of tile in your home or business can really give it a one of a kind feel and make it your own creation. There is no limit to the ways in which you can utilize tile in any space if you let your imagination take control. Our ceramic tiles are handmade from clay making them resilient in a wide range of temperatures, remarkably ... more